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BNN Binjai ASN Protect The Party Sabu-Sabu 


Binjai, North Sumatra,  – The National Narcotics Agency Kota Binjai North Sumatra secure the civilian state apparatus (ASN) who served in the office of the local government libraries when busy partying with his methamphetamine in one house at Jalan Jamin Ginting Pujidadi village.
“We secured when both were a party of methamphetamine in one of the houses,” said the head of the National Narcotics Agency Binjai Binjai AKBP Safwan Khayat on Saturday.
Safwan Khayat explained the arrest was based on information from citizens and then developed in the field by members of BNN finally apprehended the suspect berinitial OMT Hamlet Ndokum Market hall 4 Namuterasi Sei Bingei Langkat district.
While his colleagues were also arrested officers berinitial FNS Road residents Bangkatan Naugrah Sustainable Housing District of South Binjai working as private employees.
“Earlier we received reports from residents of the region Jamin Ginting Pujidadi village was often used as the location of the party drug,” he continued.
When custody of two suspects, officers secure a variety of two-bong evidence of methamphetamine, methamphetamine dozen scrap plastic, three glass pirek, gas lighters, as well as a wallet card containing indititas, one nunit motor vehicles, the cars deer.
For now, the BNN Binjai still investigating and requesting information from keedua suspect. “We are still looking for information on the two to explore the case further,” he said.
Doctors are still doing the examination of a suspect if they deserve to be rehabilitated then we will enter into rehab, if not then the case will we bestow to the Police Binjai. (anjas)